Sunday 24 November 2019

The Crisis of Marriage

"Marriage, under the very best of circumstances, is a crisis—one of the major crises of life—and it is a dangerous thing not to be aware of this. Whether it turns out to be a healthy, challenging, and constructive crisis, or a disastrous nightmare, depends largely upon how willing the partners are to be changed, how malleable they are." (Mike Mason)
So, which is it for you, or which do you want it to be? Is it a healthy, challenging, and constructive crisis? Or, is it an unhealthy, destructive, disastrous nightmare? You got the controls. What are doing with it? Wha are you making of your marriage? Are you changing, adjusting, and willing to make your marriage what it ought to be? Or, do you, with a stiff-neck, always have it your way or the high way? Are you reaching win-win compromises? Or, is one party abusing the privilege?

You are designed to succeed. You are designed for marriage. You are designed to succeed in marriage. The eventual result is in your hands. You need to get your programming right. You get your programming in tune with your design. That is up to you. No one can do that for you.

It is possible. You are possible. You can make it. You will make it. Enjoy the adventure. Enjoy life.

Just never forget it is about the “we,” while not losing the “I.” It is neither about just the “we,” nor is it just about the “I.” It takes the “we” and “I” to make it work.

Get to living it.

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