Thursday 18 January 2018

Questions and Answers (Twenty Nine): Platform of Grace

Trusting God (Part Three): Platform of Grace
Sometimes it’s tough to trust after so many days of prayers and believing in something, and in the end, you didn't get answers. I really feel abandoned. I mean, you have been praying for this particular thing for years, and this is one of the basics in life. Please, sir, maybe I can get some more idea of different ways of trusting from you. ― RH (Lagos, Nigeria)

When we come to God, we must come on the PLATFORM OF GRACE. It is not about us. It is all about Him. It is not about what we deserve. It is all about what He gives OUT OF HIS RICHES. Herein is the foolishness of those who think, or say, that God only gives us our needs, not our wants. Such is an insult to God. They, unknown to them, devalue God by equating His riches to our needs. 
"Grace is the only thing that is ever enough. — Ann Voskamp.
GOD DOES NOT GIVE US OUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO OUR NEEDS! HE GIVES US OUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES, HIS FULNESS, HIS LARGENESS, HIS GLORY, HIS WEALTH, HIS ABUNDANCE, HIS UNLIMITEDNESS! It is time to get rid of those false religious goggles and see God as He is, as His Word depicts Him, and not some cooked-up, false piety, religious disposition.
"Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home." — John Newton. 
When we give to our own children, do we only give them their needs? Do we give them according to their needs, or according to our riches, our bounty? GIVING ACCORDING TO NEEDS IS THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT OF MERCY. Anything over and above, that is called GRACE. We don’t relate with our children out of mere mercy. We relate with our children out of grace. 

We are gracious towards them out of a heart of love. How come we expect less of God, who is love – the very definition of the word? How come we expect less of Him, who is weighty in grace? Just how much evil religion has done to us, shortchanging us of the fullness of God? GOD DOES NOT GIVE US OUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO OUR NEEDS! HE GIVES US OUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES! HALLELUJAH!
"What gives me the most hope every day is God’s grace; knowing that his grace is going to give me the strength for whatever I face, knowing that nothing is a surprise to God." — Rick Warren.
SCRIPTURES: Romans 5:1-2; John 1:16-17; Philippians 4:19; John 10:10; Luke 11:11-13; Matthew 7:9-11; 1 John 4:8; Exodus 34:6; Psalm 145:8; 1 Kings 3:13.

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