Thursday 25 January 2018

Questions and Answers (Thirty): God of Grace

Trusting God (Part Four): He is a God of Grace
Sometimes it’s really hard to trust after so many days of prayers and believing for something and at end you didn't get answers. I really feel abandoned. I mean you have been praying for this particular thing for years, and this is one of the basics in life. Please sir may be I can get some more idea of different ways of trusting from you. ― RH (Lagos, Nigeria)

In the same false piety, religious mindset, we all too often miss it, thinking we can work out some good works to deserve God’s blessing. I wonder how much good works our own children do, or have to do, to deserve our fatherly/motherly love, provision and protection. What is the basis of our love to/for our children – what they do, or who they are? How come we expect less from God? Do we see ourselves to be more righteous than Him?

There is something about humanity that makes it feel it has to deserve everything it gets. Part of it is pride; part of it is a lack of trust and part of it is simply ignorance. Even though it is a deep wish of our hearts, we struggle with getting things on a platter of gold. Our brain wants to make the linkage. It wants to make the connections. The challenge is “GRACE DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.” It was never meant to. In fact, if it ever makes sense it will stop being grace. It is not to be understood. It is not a feeling. It is to be believed and accepted.

Here in is our dilemma. Here in is the dilemma of religion – for it seeks to give an explanation to all things, even the things it does not understand. (It exists in the same realm as science, which refuses to accept anything it cannot explain). This was the dilemma of the prodigal’s elder brother. (Timothy Keller’s book: “The Prodigal God” does a good study on this) There are things in life that are not for explanation. That is the essence of faith.

No doubt, it is not our intent to devalue God, when we equate His goodness to our good works. We don’t mean to belittle Him when we think we have to bribe him with our Tithes and Offerings, duties in church, Fasting, Prayer meetings, Evangelism, etc. (These are worthwhile Christian Disciplines with tremendous power, when used rightly, but we have corrupted them by our carnal disposition). However, that is what our actions and thoughts portend. When we see our good works as the basis of God’s blessings in and over our lives we insult Him. We place a limitation on what He wants to (and can) do in our lives. We attempt to rob Him of His glory. We try to reduce Him to a mere PAYMASTER. We try to put on Him a name that is not His.


SCRIPTURES: Ephesians 2:8-9; Romans 11:6; Matthew 7:9-11; Luke 11:11-13; Romans 9:9-18; Luke15: 11-32; 1 John 4:8; Exodus 34:6; Psalm 145:8; 1 Kings 3:13.

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