Saturday 2 December 2017

What is Your Valuation?

How much is your life worth? I did not ask how much is in your bank account, or what your net worth is? That is your own business. My question is how much is your life worth? What will men give in exchange for your life? What is the quantum of your person? How heavy and solid are you? How much is your life worth?
Let us endeavor so to live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry. (Mark Twain)
Are you a person of value? Does your family see and carry you as such? Does your community see and carry you as such? Do your friends and colleagues see you as such? Are you missed when you don’t show up? Or, are the people relieved, or they just don’t know? Do you stand out in a crowd, or are you a mere statistics? Are you a person of value, or just there?
The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering. (Bruce Lee)
What will people give for your life? Are people thanking God that you are, that you came? Can anyone truly say, “Only because you are, I am?” Have you touched a life? Have you impacted a life? Have you changed a life? Are you leaving a part of you, for good, everywhere you go? Or, are you merely passing by? Are people sad to see you go, or they can’t just wait to get rid of you? How much truly is your life worth?

When you are done here, on this side of eternity, will you be missed? Or, will it be a good riddance of a bad thing? Will the tears be sincere and heartfelt? Or, will they be mere professional mourning, crocodile, check the box tears? Oh my dear, how much value are you leaving in lives? What is the value of your life?

The answers are simple, and pretty straight forward. They are in the lives that you come across everyday. They are in the lives you touched, are touching and will touch. That is all life is about. It is not about how fat you feed. It is not in the fatness of your bank accounts. It is not in the exoticness of your rides.

It is all in you being an angel, a messenger of God in your generation. That is the true value of life. That is the true purpose of life. You have not lived until you have truly lived. Be an answer to someone’s prayer today.

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