Sunday 3 December 2017

Hidden Wisdom in Words

I’m not that old, nor am I that young. In my short pilgrimage, my eyes have seen, my ears have heard. I have learnt to judge people more by their quietness, than by their loudness. That is not to say all quiet people are good and all loud people are bad. However, there is a lot to say about a person by the words that come out of their mouth.
The older I grow, the more I listen to people who don’t talk much. (Germanic Gladden)
The scriptures tell us, “The mouth speaks of what the heart is full of.” (Luke 6:45c, NLV) When you meet a person with a leaky mouth, you know he/she is light – no weight, no substance. That is not to say the person is bad. Not necessarily. Only that, you cannot entrust such with your valuables. They are all talk, no substance. They, in a sense, attempt to make up with their words that which they lack on the inside.
You are no better than your words; you are no greater than your words. The character of your words is the character of your personality: watch your words. No man ever got better than his or her words. Your life is the expression, the manifestation, the reflection, of your words. (Strive Masiyiwa)
When you meet one who is always talking bad of other people, you’ve met one who is insecure, ignorant of him/her own very self and life in general. They seek to pull others down to their own level. You remember, the old saying, “Misery loves company.” That is so very true of these. Rather than taking the extra step to build, grow and increase their own life, they are all about bringing others down. Beware of such.
A good man will speak good things because of the good in him. A bad man will speak bad things because of the sin in him. (Matthew 12:35, NLV)
Even if they are your friends, you are not spared from their exploits. They are only fair weather friends. Their only devotion is to their own self. Even God cannot trust them. These are the ones quick to threaten God when that which they seek is delayed, or seems unanswered.
Your words, your expression will reflect your attitude. Be conscious of how and what you say. (Catherine Pulsifer)
And, there are those who are all so quiet, and say nothing much. They are the “all things go” kind of people. They are the supposed “can’t kill a fly” kind of people. Yet, many of these turn out to be abusive spouses (both men and women). Beware of such. They are probably bottling up a lot on the inside. No one is graced to bottle up everything. Man was made to vent at some point or the other. Wisdom is to vent responsibly. The danger with this is they bottle up so much that when they eventually vent the evil they work out is beyond imagination.

Ecclesiastes 5:2 readily come to mind, here. It reads, “Do not hurry to speak or be in a hurry as you think what to tell God. For God is in heaven and you are on the earth. So let your words be few.” (NLV) I know this relates with conversation with God. However, won’t it be safe if we all communicate with one another the same way? Won’t it be safe if and when I know your words are hearty and not cheap? Won’t it be safe to know your yes is your yes, and your no is your no?

Just how much better a world we would have if we all take extra care to place some value on the words we say, and use. Just how much well matured and whole the fruits of the seeds of our words will be? Just how much more creative, beautiful and life giving the pictures we create with our word will be? Will you join me and commit to this today?

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