Saturday 30 December 2017

Spoil Your Spouse

Familiarity is a bane to marriage. There is the popular saying you can tell those who are married from those courting in a restaurant, car, etc. Familiarity and the sense of arrival kills the life in any relationship. You must NEVER get so familiar with your spouse that you stop dating. The day you do the flavor in your relationship begins to wane. NEVER forget it is not about how long, it is always about how well. There is much more to marriage than merely accommodating one another. There is a paradise to be attained, sustained and relished.

My top tip for keeping my romance with Alice, my wife of 34 years, alive is to spoil her. I do what I can to make her happy. Our lives are inextricably tied together, so her happiness brings me happiness. (Richard Matzkin)
A healthy, life-giving, desirable, admirable and successful marriage is one in which the two never stop the journey of discovery and seeking to please one another. That is how the paradise comes. It is the process of working the marriage. No marriage lives on autopilot, no matter how long it has been together. ALL marriages live by that which each partner supplies. They HAVE TO work and keep working at it. Each keeps working at qualifying, not from a position of weakness, but ALWAYS from a position of strength. Each confident under their on individual skin, and from that position seeks to share with the partner. It is not treating your partner as you will want to be treated, but rather always as your partner will want to be treated. It is all about being your partner minded.
Admiration and familiarity are strangers. (George Sand)
Spoil your spouse today and always. You'll be glad you did and do.


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