Tuesday 12 December 2017

Proudly Christian - Christlike

Growing Into Christ in All Things
I have heard some ignoramuses try to berate the word "Christian." In fact, whole churches and ministries have been built in an attempt to dissociate from the word. May I call the attention of such to the fact, 'the word "Christian" has its origin in the bible, [Acts 11:26] and nowhere else.' Yes, it did not necessarily drop from heaven. There they might think they have a point, but then how many more themes we use today which did not drop from heaven?
"Christianity is a phenomenon. It is not mere teaching." (Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones)
Just before such ignoramuses think they have a point, and start building some strange boldness, note its root sure was born in Heaven. So, what does the word "Christian" mean, and where did it come from? The word came into being as the people were looking for how to describe those who belong to the Way. [Acts 11:26] Paul and Barnabas had been teaching in Antioch for a year. They were following Jesus' admonition to "make disciples (students, understudy)." [Matthew 28:19-20] And, what do you suppose took place in the church at Antioch? Of course, they were changing and becoming more like Christ. Hence, the new life seen was reminiscent of the person and character of Christ, who Paul and Barnabas were TEACHING about.
"But we are to hold to the truth with love in our hearts. We are to grow up and be more like Christ. He is the leader of the church." (Ephesians 4:15, NLV)
More like you call one who is a citizen of America, an American, one who belongs to CHRIST is called a CHRISTIAN. What in God's name is wrong with that? Wherein is the confusion? Or, it is that the people disputing this has no other message to preach or thing to do? I am a Christian and a very proud one at that. I hold no reservation whatsoever to being called a Christian - one who belongs to Christ follows Christ and is associated with Him in all the sense of the word.
"When he found Saul, he brought him back with him to Antioch. For a year they taught many people in the church. The followers were first called Christians in Antioch." (Acts 11:26, NLV) 
"If conversion to Christianity makes no improvement in a man's outward actions – if he continues to be just a snobbish or spiteful or envious or ambitious as he was before – then I think we must suspect that his 'conversion' was largely imaginary." (C.S. Lewis)
Yes, I know a lot of people have abused the name and used it as a disguise for different evil deeds and gimmicks. I am not ignorant of that. So, why not address the issue? Why not address such people? Will you kill a good thing because empty-headed, self-worshipping, lost souls are abusing it? Will that be addressing the issue? Isn't life about being effective and addressing issues? Will a thing ever have a fake if there was never a genuine one?
"Our personal relationship with the Savior will re-create us in His image. He is to be our purpose and passion. We are to long to know Him better and make Him known to others." (Lloyd John Ogilvie)
It is time to wake up and address the real issues of life. We have had enough of religion. It is time to live and shine forth the Son. It is time to live up to the name we bear. If we are truly Christians then it behooves us to live like Christ. It behooves us to declare like the Apostle Paul,
"I have been put up on the cross to die with Christ. I no longer live. Christ lives in me. The life I now live in this body, I live by putting my trust in the Son of God. He was the One Who loved me and gave Himself for me." (Galatians 2:20, NLV)
"A Christian is:
a mind through which Christ thinks;
a heart through which Christ loves;
a voice through which Christ speaks;
a hand through which Christ helps." 
― Anonymous 
"Everything that has been made in the world is waiting for the day when God will make His sons known." (Romans 8:19, NLV)
I am proudly Christian, living every day trusting Him to live, walk, work, and speak through me. 

What about you?

© 2015 Akin Akinbodunse

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