Sunday 10 September 2017

Use Your Leverage

People who consider themselves victims of their circumstances will always remain victims unless they develop a greater vision for their lives. ― Stedman Graham

God has invested too much in your life for you to be a victim. Your circumstance might not look the most favorable, but you don’t have to be a prisoner to it. You are bigger than that. You can choose to act responsibly, even in the face of the dire circumstance you face. You are able to reason. You are able to think. You are able to imagine. These are your leveraging tools.

You can create something beautiful out of the seeming impossible circumstance. You are much bigger than to have ANY CIRCUMSTANCE have the better of you, or put you under. Start putting your leverage to use. Let the champion in you rise to the occasion. Let the lion in you roar. I am looking forward to reading your testimony.

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