Saturday 16 September 2017

Questions and Answers (Nineteen): Paradise in Marriage?

Who takes the initiative in creating paradise in a marriage?

Both the man and the woman do the creation. Both take the onus to do it, without asking or waiting on the other to go first. The bible tells us to prefer each other in honor. We should be trying to out do each other in love and honor, in a good way. Taking the initiative is a show of maturity and true surrender to God, the author of marriage.

 Do you think the tradition (or culture) can hinder the woman's ability to create in any way?
It is a yes and a no answer. It is all a matter of choice. We are only limited by that which we allow. The question to ask is, is the price worth the challenge? If the why (the price) is strong enough the challenge (culture) is but bread for eating.

Hoping this helps.

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