Friday 1 September 2017

Hello September

I just wanted to welcome you into this month - the month ending the third quarter of the year. Typically, this is the month when the Prayer Merchants start marketing the fear of the “ember months.” They create fear in you so they can sell their wares – supposed prayers - in exchange for your servitude, and the things that follow.

I believe you are wiser, smarter, brighter and more enlightened than to be enslaved by such. Nothing good ever comes out of being enslaved, especially by fear. All the good that life has to offer only comes by faith – the mastery of fear. A person of faith is not presumptuous. He/she does not disregard the possible facts fear might allude to. The difference is, he/she is not limited to the facts.

He/she asks, obtains and is driven by the truth of the matter. He/she is tuned to a higher law - Truth. Truth is a higher law than facts. Truth is eternal. Facts are temporal. They are subject to change. A person who knows the truth is able to use and/or change the existing facts in his/her favor. History abounds with such examples, and will like to add you to the number.

When your story is read in generations to come, what will you have them read of? Would you have them read about a person who was overcome by fear? Or, would you have them read about a person who overcame and became all that he/she can be by faith? The ball is in your court. Go forth and write your own history.

You got the power. Why not use it?

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