Wednesday 19 July 2017

Live Above Your Pain

You are bigger than your Pain
It takes a man who is tortured within to torture another. That is rather counter-intuitive. One would have expected the opposite. You would suppose the knowledge of pain will move the tortured to help others. Unfortunately, the tortured have not the peace to think straight. such as not come to grips with the source and essence of the torture within. Such torture others as a way of relieving their pain. This is in no way to say every tortured person tortures others. No. It is rather to say until you come to grips with the source and essence of your torture you have the potential to torture others. So, whatever experience of life we might be going through we need always seek to give the right definition. By so doing we get to live our life on purpose. We get to redeem our pain, rather than being its slave.
"To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!" (Charlie Chaplin) 
“Man’s inner strength may raise him above his outward fate.” (Viktor Frankl)
You know the word wicked is gotten from a root word which means to be bent out of shape. People are wicked because there is no straightness, or peace in them. Their person is bent out of shape. Hence, they are living and reacting out of the lack of congruence within. They are wicked because their nature is in a state of being wick-ed (torn apart, twisted, out of shape). So, who are you? Are you wicked to others? Are you harsh to others? Are you aggressive to others? Or, are you one who ministers grace and mercy? It is all a function of the internal workings within. Those who have received grace and mercy, find it easy to give it. They know where they are coming from. Those who are at peace with themselves are at peace with others. Those who are not tortured within do not torture others.
"We are not meant to resolve all contradictions but to live with them and rise above them." (William Blake)
Where do you fall? Find peace within. Be all you are called to be. Don’t be a prisoner of your experience of life. Don’t be a prisoner of your past. Redeem your pains. Start a new leaf today. Be the agent of change in that line of abuse. Make a difference. Find peace within. Because you were hurt does not mean you have to hurt others. You can love, again. You can live again. Why not?

Live above your pain
Don’t be swept about by the waves, tides, or winds of life.

Live above.
Set your sail. Spread your wings.
Let them carry you where you want to go.
Live above the waves. Live above the winds.

Use them for good.
Don’t be drowned. Refuse to be beaten.
Use them to get where you are called to be.
Stay above. That is the place of your calling.

Rule! Reign.
You are a champion.
You are from above.
That is the place of your calling.
You are a champion. You are from above.

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