Saturday 8 April 2017

Questions and Answers (Eleven): Hearing from God?

Does God still speak directly to His children today? If so, how do we position ourselves to hear from Him (apart from the “Rhema” from reading His word)?

The answer to your first question is rather obvious. It is a solid, loud “YES.” God still speaks to His children today. Obviously, His primary means of communication is through His Word, The Bible. That is why we are admonished to have an INTIMATE fellowship with the Word. [Joshua 1:8; Colossians 3:16; Proverbs 3:1; Hebrews 3:13; Psalm 119:11, 105; John 8:31-32; Proverbs 20:27]

God’s ways of speaking to us, however, are not limited to direct liftings from scriptures. He uses audible and (seemingly) inaudible voice and promptings. [Psalm 32:8; John 10:14-16; Isaiah 30:21; Romans 8:14, 16; Acts 10:19, 8:26-29; Numbers 12:7-8] God also talks to His people through dreams, trances and open visions. [Acts 10:3-7, 10-16; Numbers 12:6; Job 33:14-16]

God also uses others in speaking to us. This might be from the mouth of a prophet, one with a prophetic endowment, or just a seeming ordinary person. This, however, will NEVER be in contradiction to the witness of the Holy Spirit in and to us. It will ONLY come is confirmation of His direct promptings or speaking to us. [Romans 14:5b, 23b] And, ALWAYS in agreement with His Word (The Bible).
The Spirit and the Word Always Agree.
So, on to your second question, how do we position our self to hear from Him?

That is quite simple. All we need do to ensure we always hear from God, and not miss Him is to remain as His sheep. [Psalm 100:3, 95:7] His sheep know and hear His voice. [John 10:14-16] That is quite simple, right? The next question that comes to mind is, 'How does one remain His sheep?"
His sheep know and hear His voice.
The simple way to remain a sheep in His pasture is by willing to and doing His will. [John 14:21] That is walking in obedience to that which has already been revealed. [Deuteronomy 29:29; Psalm 62:11; John 7:17] God is not going to tell you any new thing if you are not walking in obedience to that which He has already told you.
God is not going to tell you any new thing if you are not walking in obedience to that which He has already told you.
The second step in remaining a sheep is that of always being in a constant state of waiting. [Isaiah 40:31, 30:15] That is the only way to hear God when He leads us with His eyes. [Psalm 32:8] If we are not waiting, then we stop being a sheep. We become like the horse and the mule which are senseless, and have need of a bit and a bridle to keep them under control. [Psalm 32:9]
To hear God we have to wait on Him.
The place of waiting is the place of trust and rest. It is the place of bringing our soul under subjection (humbled, under control, temperate, sober).

Hoping I have rightly addressed your questions.

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