Sunday 26 March 2017

Questions and Answers (Six): Guilt?

How does a new convert/Christians handle sin guilt?

Good question. The answer to your question is rather simple, straightforward and is not limited to Christianity. It bothers around forgiving oneself. Inability to forgive oneself is an attribute of pride. We think we are more than we truly are. We think we have come this far by our own strength. When one understands grace, then it becomes easier to forgive oneself. We are who we are, and will be what we will ever be, only by the grace of God.

Our place is to ensure we NEVER take that grace for granted. Our place is to ensure we NEVER expose our self to that which we have not been given grace for. Additionally, whatever is done is done. Beating yourself and seeking to go back is worthless and foolish, and is no acceptable sacrifice before God. The scripture tells us, “Godly sorrow leads to repentance, not self-pity, or self-devaluation.” We need to stay with the scriptures, and not our feelings or what religion proffers. The Word of God is what gives life, not traditions of men.

Living with guilt is not progressive. The way of life is settling the account before God, turning a new leaf and walking therein. LEAVE THE FAULT AT THE CROSS. IT IS NOT A LOAD FOR YOU TO CARRY. THE PRICE HAS BEEN PAID. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE WE CAN DO, BUT TO RECEIVE THE FORGIVENESS THE FATHER FREELY OFFERS. IT IS FINISHED IS WHAT HE SAID.

The question to ask is how much guilt did the thief at the cross have to take into paradise? NONE! What makes you and I any different?

Hoping this adequately address your question.


  1. Christ paid all when He took the guilt of the world upon Himself so that you and i can have access with the Father and joint-heir with him. What favour granted to mankind.

  2. Amen! That is our new position and positioning. He made us Holy so we can live out of our new identity. That is the secret to holiness, and that is empowered by the Holy Ghost in us.



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