Monday 13 February 2017

Help! I Am Choleric.

I don’t know what the issue is, but I am different. I am not like other people. I am pretty quick at taking responsibility, seeking to bring about order in every situation and environment I find myself in. Am I okay? Is all well with me? Or, do I have some strange flu? Why do I tend to be direct and not beat about the bush as most people do?

I asked around. Some people say I am choleric. Choleric? What is that? Does it have any relationship with cholera? Others say I have too much masculinity. Really? What else were they expecting? I am a man - testosterone at work. They say some women also have this attribute. Really? Others say there is a fire burning on my inside. And, I am only seeking an avenue to let it loose.

A little research reveals the choleric as naturally ambitious, dominant, assertive, decisive, and occasionally arrogant. He or she despises the small and vulgar while aspiring to the noble and heroic. Some people call this the Type A, Lion, or extroverted personality, for obvious reasons. Wow! You mean I am not strange after all. There are definitions of my nature, and there are others just like me. Wow! 

That is somewhat comforting. I belong, after all. Well, like every other person, there are strengths and weaknesses to being me. Sorry if I tend to get under your skin. It is not intentional. It is not by nurture. It is only by nature. I am simply me. That, however, is no excuse. My place is to horn my strengths and guide against my weaknesses. Care to know my frailties? You just might need a helmet (hard hat).

I have a tendency to be full of myself, very stubborn, and opinionated. I tend to be goal and task-oriented and could do that oblivious of the people involved in making it happen. Sorry, but it is just how I roll when I am unconscious. I know I have the responsibility to be conscious and sift my personality through my character. I am working on it. Please bear with me. I am a work in progress.

Thanks for your understanding.

Speaking the Truth to Power.
St. Akin de Sage.

© 2017 Akin Akinbodunse.

#Iamenough #iamcholeric

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