Sunday 2 June 2024

Wealthy people outsource, outsource, outsource.

I heard Tony Robbins say this more than a decade ago, but I did not get it then. I have since gotten it and it has changed my life and my pocket. I delegate. I outsource. I no more mow my own lawn. I outsource that, while I use my time on my strengths. I use my time to make multiple times what it cost me have someone else mow my lawn.

Wealthy people are aware of where their skills and talents lie, and they play to those strengths. 

Peter Drucker, the management guru, puts it this way, "you can only build excellence with your strengths, not your weaknesses." Ryan Kahn says, “Master your strengths. Outsource your weaknesses.” So sad average people suppose they can cheat nature by seeking to do all things themselves.

That is the popular charade in some churches, where the lead foolishly boost of being able to do all things. Really? 

No wonder such are not growing. I remember Joel Osteen sharing when he came to that realization. It was only after that the church exploded. The secret to growth is your ability to command other people’s time, skills, connections, and talents.

Wealthy people know it's better to delegate a task to somebody who's better at it. They know when to outsource because their time is better spent elsewhere.

The Saint.

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