Monday 3 June 2024

Prophecies | Part Twelve | How Prophecy Comes | Part Five.

We continue with our meditations in The Book of Daniel, as we continue to dig into verse 14 of Chapter 10. It reads,

"Now I have come to make you understand what will happen to your people in the latter days, for the vision refers to many days yet to come.”"
We can fine-tune and develop our spirit to guarantee and ascertain the type of guidance it receives from the invisible realm. One would imagine that was where the rascals referred to in Matthew 7:21-23 missed it. They had speed but lacked direction. Progress and growth are about direction, not sheer noise or notoriety. God promises us guidance, but He will not force us to heed it. [Isaiah 30:21; Psalm 37:23-24; Psalm 32:8-9]

Yes, God leads us by a physical audible voice, deep impression in our spirit (intuition, still small voice), and visions. [Numbers 12:6-8] The most common type of vision God uses is the vision of the night, otherwise known as dreams. Not all dreams are guidance, but some are. Most visions via dreams are symbolic in nature, and thus, require interpretation and understanding. Never be in a hurry to interpret a dream. Allow peace to reign. 

God will give understanding, in the place of peace and rest. God does not give us dreams to create fear in our lives. Fear is not a tool in the arsenal of God. Faith and love are. If your dream is creating fear, question its origin. If God reveals, it is because He wants you to take an act of faith and love, not fear. And, if He reveals a thing to you, it is because you can do something about it, and He wants you to.

There are also visions of the day. The first of these is called a Trance. A trance is very similar to a dream in that you lose consciousness of the visible world, while a window is opened into the invisible world. It is an opening of the curtain into the metaphysical realm, while you lose consciousness of the physical. The main difference between it and a dream is that you are not the active agent in shutting off your consciousness.

Dreams and Trance are often confused with one another. An example is the case of the Apostle Peter. [Acts 10:9-16] Peter did not go to sleep of his own accord. He fell into a trance. The active agent was the trance. It was a vision of the day. The third type of vision, which is also a vision of the day, is what we popularly refer to as vision. It is called an open vision, more to differentiate it from the other two.

An open vision, which is the highest form of vision, is one in which the curtain to the metaphysical is opened without closing that to the physical. One sees the invisible consciously, while also seeing the visible at the same time. This is the example we see here in our text, Daniel 10:14. Daniel saw and communicated with the angel in an open vision.

All the different ways by which prophecy comes are open to us, even today. Whether we get to access them or not is a function of the message God decides to pass on through us, and how we prepare ourselves or not as a vessel for such. Prophecy is ALWAYS at the auspices of God, but the willingness and readiness of the vessel determine the pass-through or the lack thereof.

The Saint.

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