Wednesday 16 November 2022

An Excellent Spirit | Part Twenty-One | Don't Compromise.

We continue digging in Daniel 6:3, "An Excellent Spirit," as we lead ourselves into the place of prayers. We have been studying the Excellent Spirit of Abraham for a few meetings now. Today we land in Genesis 16, "Abraham compromises."

How does that sound in your ears? Abraham let down his guard. Is it interesting that the renowned father of faith had his own moments? And, the bible does not hide that from us. What kind of a book will the bible be if it did? 

The Bible is about God and his creations, human beings, not robots. It is for our learning, growth, and development. Every single person in the scripture is no different or better that you and me. Like Elijah, they were men and women of like passion just as we are.

If they could make it in spite of their humanness, guess what? You and I also can. We are without excuses but are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, beckoning us to come up thither. Will you? I have chosen to. I have chosen to use the good examples to follow, and the bad examples to guide against.

Abraham, in his weak moment, compromised and the world is yet to recover from the consequences of his error. More like we are all yet to recover from the error of Adam and Eve, Abraham's error lives with us today. 

Our obedience, or disobedience, is not personal. It has eternal effects in consequences. Even though you might be forgiven, like Abraham, David, and Hezekiah, in their own moment, was, the generations after still reeled from the pain of the consequences. 

Let's be guided. Compromise NEVER pays. Yes, we might get temporary to relief, but the eternal consequences are incomparable. The best always comes from paying the requisite price. That is what the mature do. Are you mature?

The Saint.

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