Saturday 28 May 2022

Do you.

Good morning, beautiful souls.

I was in the little room this morning and was meditating on Jesus' response to John. John doubted him. Jesus did not fit John's billing. That sounds familiar. Doesn't it? People expect you to fit into their small box, and when you don't, they have a problem with you. Don't they?

I see me at my place of employment. The first thing my colleagues knew about me was, "someone who always wants to be himself." And, what is wrong with that? Shouldn't we all? Nope. Most of us would rather play games, and be economical with the truth.

No doubt it cost me to take my stand. I am happy I did. I love who I am, and will not give it up for anything. I guess church people wished I was different also, but sorry o. I am me. And, I love being me. Obviously, not fixated at a point. I have grown and continue to, but NEVER stopped being essentially me.

And, you know Jesus did not give an excuse for being himself. He did not apologize to John. Rather, He accentuated his person. The message he sent back to John was neither an apology, nor an explanation. It was an emphasis of his person in bold letters. 

I love Jesus. So, I am just going to be like Jesus. I am going to keep being me. I am going to keep doing me.

What about you? Do you love you? Do you do you?

The Saint.

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