Friday 12 November 2021

He Did Not Leave Me Stranded.


In 2018, when evil visited my family, I was already stretched financially. I had a kid in college and two (2) in private High schools, all in the USA. So, when evil visited one of my big fears was my ability to shoulder my existing and increasing cost of living. I was concerned I might be challenged keeping up with the children's school fees, and maintaining our home in Houston.

Fear knocked on my door, and I opened it for fear to come in. My prayer to God in the midst of my fears was, "May we not get stranded." Just as I prayed, I did my part. I called my realtor and had him ready for possible actions I might choose to exercise on our home. I sold our car, as part of my keeping house in order. Unfortunately, I did not carry my children along. 

Selling our car sent a bad signal to them. They each read it according to their resilience, which was different. Irrespective, it was bad messaging for them to suddenly find out I had sold our car. They saw their father at his worst. Though this was the second time around, this had more impact on them as they had grown in ten (10) years. 

They said nothing negative to my face other than love me through my days of trouble. My inability to sleep was public family knowledge. They spoke about it amongst themselves, but never to my face. They had never seen their dad this distraught before. They took it all in well, except my youngest. She did, but her walls gave way at some point in time.

My Gratitude: 

My worst fears never came to pass. We pulled through. Yes, we had several troubles, but none overcame us. We had help every step of the way. I traveled many more times than I have ever done in any time-space, at the most expensive personally bought tickets. Yet, I am still here. I traveled across the Atlantic fighting sleeplessness and a sense of destitution.

He did not leave me stranded. I have stayed awake for upwards of 48 hours looking for sleep, with thoughts of morbidity. That was not the end of my story. I was passing through hell. I was not home. So, I did not stop. Thank God, He brought me through. I have a story. I have a testimony. I have a song. There were those who expected it to be the end of my story. Shame on them. 

I have friends in high places. I have a Father, who is overall. He loves me too much to let the thoughts of evil men, and women come to pass concerning my life. He's got more for me. We have been able to meet ALL our expenses without NEEDING to borrow or owe anyone. We have not needed to sell our home. Rather we just did a catalog book renovation to it. (Pepper them)

He did not leave us stranded. He gave us people. He stood by us through the fire. It did not consume us. Through the waters. It did not drown us. We have tested and tasted of the Lord. And, we can without a shadow of a doubt declare, "Our God is Good. His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness."

It only gets better from here.

St. Akin de Sage.

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