Saturday 25 September 2021

Better Than That.

“Never complain about what you permit.” ― Dr. Mike Murdock.

As strange as it might sound, this is the reality of a great many. They go to jobs they do not like. Worship at churches they despise, and the examples go on and on. They live the part of one who is unable to decide. Yet, as we shared yesterday, the moment of decision is where fate and destinies are decided. Guess what these undecided fellows get? The very crumb, the left overs.

Such are, as it were sleeping through life. They are the people pleasers, don't rock the boat type of people. Yet they are unhappy, bitter set of people. As it were the issue so their lives has not grabbed them. They are smiling in their suffering, like the proverbial moaning dog sitting on a nail. They are not looking for solution to the issues of their lives. Rather, they are looking for pity parties.

They crave to be the center fo attraction, not for the good they have done, but to be worried over and for. That, for them, is the cheapest route to glory. How so sorrowful and truly pitiable are this ones? They have been deceived. They have been done for. They are the no future ambition set of people. They are ever seeking never getting, ever learning, never grasping type of people.

Such are who the Apostle Paul complained about in Corinthian. While they were expected to be teachers, they remain students. Ever amazed, never comprehending. Such are so quick to be in wonder. "That is deep," they say. Yes, deep, but not too deep for you to understand. Ask your question. Rather, such make such pronouncement more to excuse their need to comprehend, but would rather be told what to do.

I sure know none of these describes you. You are better than that. You are on top of the affairs of your life. You are not leaving any stone unturned. You are grabbing as you have been grabbed. You are here to win, and winning you will. You respect yourself enough to live to your commitments. You are disciplined. You have a vision and you are pressing towards the same.

I know you, and I duff my hat for you.

St. Akin de Great.

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