Thursday 1 July 2021

Welcome to July

This month, every year, I freelance in my sharings, geared toward introspection. That is what I do every July and September of every year without fail. This July we do have, in addition, an overflow of "Money" talks. Due to popular demands, we have decided to run the Money talks till the 15th of the new month. Hoping this gives more opportunity to help people get the right philosophy around money. God and I want you wealthy. We will do our part, the rest is yours.

We will see how far we go on the devotionals as well. 'Been off the systematic studies for some time. Hoping to get back on track with that this month. Trust you will be tremendously blessed, as always. Like always, feel free to ask your questions, contribute any point I might miss, and generally fellowship along. This is not a one-man show. I just happen to be the one taking the initiative. Come and let us have intercourse with the Word, the Holy Spirit, and one another.

Again welcome to a new month. I am hoping you already know who, where and what you want to be when 31st July 2021 arrives. If not, why not? You want to give it to chance? Are you merely wishing and hoping? Those are not strategies, nor initiatives. Right? You don't want to give July to chance. You want to give it to choice. Your choice. Your picture. Your taste. Your design. Start throwing the colors on the canvas of your July. Paint the picture of July that will make you. not just happy, but fulfilled.

Dream dreams. They do come true. Take ownership of your mental pictures, imaging, and ideation. Hold it all together with truth. It does not matter the facts that might be facing you right now, let the truth prevail. Dream according to truth, not facts. The facts are another's imaging of you. What do you want? What is your heart, and your soul yearning for? Dream it. Write it down. Hold it before your eyes continually, till it becomes one with you. Dare to make the moves towards it, and see it come to fruition.

I wish you a perfect July. I see myself dancing and rejoicing with you, come 31st July 2021.

Come on July, let's rock and roll.

Just Because I love you.
St. Akin de Great.

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