Friday 2 July 2021

Bear with me.
The starting point, to overcoming the fear of nakedness, vulnerability, and incompleteness, is to accept the fact that we are a work in progress. It does not matter who, or where we find ourselves today, our better and best days are still ahead of us.

Additionally, we need to accept the fact that we are all created unique. Rather than trying to compare ourselves, and or compete with others, and trying to be like them, we need to find our own ordained uniqueness and develop the same.

It is sheer foolishness to compare. It is simply stupidity to compete. When we do, we typically compare our weaknesses with other's strengths. No wonder we typically come short. The truth is no one can do us like we can do our own self.

We are not here to compete. We are not here to compare. We are here to live. We are here to be to truest version and or expression of all the creator has made us be. No more, no less. Anything otherwise is idolatry.

When we understand and live in the spirit and reality of this, we can afford to be naked and not ashamed. We can afford to be truly vulnerable, and be at peace with our incompleteness, knowing we are on a journey.

Be You.
St. Akin de Sage.


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