Sunday 4 July 2021

A Budget is not Cast in Concrete: (2/3)
This is what the accountants take live for - balancing of accounts. Your Credit MUST equal your cone go about it, You have to plan for ALL the money, and NOT spend money you don't have. "Your budget must balance! You are not Congress!" (Dave Ramsey) Congress can have the mint print money. You can't. Respect yourself and your future.

Your budget MUST balance. All income MUST be accounted for and planned for. If you don't account and plan for it, you'll be deceived thinking you won a jackpot. I guess what happens to those who will jackpots? They lose their senses, and their poverty mentality gets the better of them. They lose the money, for money finds them unworthy. The secret to being worthy is having and respecting your budget.

We want you RICH.
St. Akin de RICH.

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