Monday 7 June 2021

Wealthy June Teaser 3: Re-echo.
“Is there truly a “Prosperity Gospel,” or is it a figment of people’s imagination?” – St. Akin de RICH.

There is nothing like the prosperity gospel, just as there is nothing like the holiness gospel. It is just gospel or not gospel. There are no two of them.

Gospel is simply "Good News." As Christians, our reference is to the Gospel ("Good News") of Jesus Christ. Period!

Don't mind the ignoramuses, who think they are funny in trying to castigate prosperity. Sons of Belial, who know not their left from their right.

They would have been funny, if not tragic. Thinking they are serving God, are self-serving and worshippers of demons.

The God of Heaven is a Prosperity [weightiness] God. He shows that in His creation. Any attempt to clamp down or talk down prosperity in an attempt to cover the glory of God. Period!

Wealthy June.
St. Akin de RICH.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse.

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