Thursday 10 June 2021

Do Something That Energizes You. (7/10)


Life was never meant to be easy. Not even before the fall was it meant to be. The man was created and placed here for work, not leisure. Yes, there is the place for leisure, but that never the essence, nor the reason of creation. So, not sure where we get this notion of retirement from.

To quote Rabbi Daniel Lapin, the word does not appear anywhere in the Hebrew text. God has no plan for retirement till death. We are here for the complete package till we elope into eternity. There will always be some work for each of us, to be done all the days of our life as we mature, and manifest to the fullest version of all we are and were created to be.


So, rather than working ourselves to death, while seeking some phantom retirement, we need to be more concerned about how to sustain our energy at optimal levels, in achieving our lifetime task, of fulfilling our purpose. We need to know our own self and the things which feed or suck us dry.

We need an existential plan for survival. These include things that might be common to all, and things that are unique to our own personality and schedule. The important thing is ensuring you have one. Things common to all include the need to eat right, rest well and adequately, exercise often and well.


You must make time to feed your intellect and imagination. You must exercise your thinking acumen (muscles), lest you lose it. Today's business environment might be rather unforgiving. You need to approach it with the strength of being. You are not asking for a seat at the table. 

You are demanding one. No one is going to give you one just because you asked. All the seats are already taken or reserved. You have to demand yours. The market has no place for weaklings. At the table are strong minds horning their own side of the share. You have to yours also.

The way to do that is to ensure your mind is in the right place. The way to ensure your mind is in the right place is to feed and exercise it. Once you do that, it will take care of you. Your mind is your greatest endowment, above all else. Never leave home without it.


I recently taught a series on the "The Doctrine of the Rest." It's all on YouTube, under my channel. Hoping it will bless you. The sabbath is God's ordination. It has nothing to do with the fall. The man God created NEEDS rest in all his or her faculties. Sabbath is not for replacing so-called secular work with supposed sacred work.

Sabbath is for rest. Period! Rest spiritually, psychologically, and physically. The sabbath is one of the boundaries God has set for his creation. You either honor it and it will honor you, or you dishonor it to your own peril. 

Wealthy June.
St. Akin de RICH.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse.

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