Sunday 14 February 2021

Praying in the Holy Ghost with St. Akin. (Part Five)

Welcome back to our little fireplace talk. Hoping you are picking one or two things. That is the intent. It does cost me to do these, but the cost is nothing if making a difference for you. This is my cross, and I am graced to bear it. Is it your place of blessing? That is a question between you and God.

Today, I intend to rewrite all I wrote yesterday focused on a set of people that might have missed yesterday's message. We all operate on a frequency that might be similar for the people in our community but different from other communities. None is necessarily right or wrong. 

They are simply different. And, different is not bad. Different is heavenly. Different is Godly. That is the way God rolls. If you ever go to a place and they are all talking alike, run for your life. You've just seen a cult, and God is not there. Jesus is not there, and Holy Spirit is not there. 

The same thing, if they all dress alike, etc. The second epistle to the Corinthians Chapter three (3) verse seventeen (17) tells us where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (freedom). Said in modern-day vocabulary, "there is the freedom to exercise agency (free will)."

Any place where this is taken away, the Spirit is not present, at least not in His fullness. Having laid the foundation, let us re-hatch our discussion yesterday from or at a different frequency. It is clear from Paul's focus and giving time to praying in tongue, it has tremendous profit to it.

In the same chapter, we told when we pray in tongue, we build up ourselves. [2 Corinthians 14:4a; Jude 1:20-21] This is analogous to working in the gym to build up your body. The output is clearly a result of the input. The more time you spend doing the heavy lifting, the quicker and more elaborate the results you get. 

Paul put in the work to get the result. The same is expected of each one of us if we are going to build spiritual muscles. Spiritual muscles come by spending time with the Spirit of Truth in the place of prayer. The familiarity we make in the position of praying in tongue helps us in understanding His voice.

Hence, when we read the word, it is easier for us to hear and see the "Rhema" He illuminates because we have built fluency. The Spirit of Truth is the key to the Word of Truth. Without the Spirit, all we get and see is the "Logos," lifeless letter - dry bones. The letter gives religion. It is the Spirit that gives life.

It is the truth that energizes us [John 8:32] and marks us out as God's own. [John 17:17] Religion only imprisons and separated us from the heart and person of God. It gives us, at best head accent rather than a heart accent to God. The head only discriminates against us. It is the heart that draws us closer to God.

Everything the Father ever wanted to give us, and could, are "all wrapped up in the Holy Spirit." [Luke 11:13] He truly is God, not only with us but in us and over us. No wonder the Apostle describes  this as a “time of refreshing from the Father.” [Acts 3:19-21] 

He is to us all that Jesus was in the flesh and even more. Looking forward to exercising our spirits and building up our ability to sense, receive and decipher the voice and direction of the Lord. And, much more, to grow in oneness (fellowship) with the gift of the Father. 

All we each need is a word from the Lord, and all our problems are solved. He is not just going to throw it at us. It is our duty to search it out. [Proverbs 25:2]

We kick-off tomorrow, Monday, 15th February 2021.

Below is a breakdown of the flow.

04:50 CT / 11:50 WAT: Line Opens.
04:50 CT / 11:50 WAT: Music. (5 minutes)
04:55 CT / 11:55 WAT: Quick Intro. (5 minutes)
05:00 CT / 12:00 WAT Prayer time: Praying in the spirit for 30 minutes.
05:30 CT / 12:30 WAT End-tro. (5 minutes)
05:35 CT / 12:35 WAT: Music. (5 minutes)
05:40 CT / 12:40 WAT: Close line.

Feel free to ask any questions on your mind. This is an open forum.

I am going to stop here for today. We will pick it up from here tomorrow.

Alone in the Father’s Presence.

St. Akin de Great.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse.

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