Friday 8 January 2021

Your Failures Are Your Friends:

We Are All Vain, At Best:

You do know your successes are probably one of your worst enemies. Right? Many have they killed before and after their time.

We are all so vain, including you. Yes, I mean you reading this at this very moment. And that is irrespective of who you are—grandfather, grandmother of the holies order, etc. 

We all are, at best vain. Solomon is declared the wisest man that ever lived. Ahitophel was a man who spoke wisely as though God has spoken. Guess how they both ended. 

You are correct. Sure, vanity got the better of them. They assumed their wisdom was all they needed, so much, so they drifted into the adverb that kills, otherwise called, vanity.

I just spent two hours plus watching Michael Jackson's concert at Wembley, London in 1988. Wow! He was gifted. A true performer, entertainer, and singer to the core. 

Cut him into a million pieces, and each will still dance, sing and entertain in such uniqueness that can only come from a man who knows what he has been gifted with. Yet vanity got the best of him.

What makes you think you are any better? Success has a way of finding the secret and direct passageway to the head. And, it always, without fail, destroys the one who takes him for granted.

The Journey is Our Training:

That is why the path to success is not straight, nor is it a smooth one either. The tortuosity and roughness of the path are not coincidental.

These planned resistances are scheduled to qualify us for the price and teach us how best to handle and subdue it. Howbeit, not all have the heart to internalize the lesson.

Many see them more as enemies, distraction, and unnecessary disturbances, instead of their blessings. Hence, they are no wiser. They do not build strength for the evil day.

Kind of instructive that when Joseph could not wait to regain his freedom, God made the person (supposed destiny helper, let me use the language of fools) forget. Can you dig that?

You don't gain wisdom in anxiety. Your being anxious for success is a sure indication you have no heart to handle it, and God is not going to give it to you. Your destiny (disaster) helper might help you, though, but not God.

God held Joseph back another two years to find his peace and internalize the lessons. The Cup tester's forgetfulness was not Satan at work. It was God preparing His own.

Don’t be discouraged by your failures. See them as your education in the school of life. Learn the associated lessons and keep trying. You have your place in the hall of fame.

No one can take that which belongs to you. Cool down, and keep keeping on. You have been set up.

It's Your Neighbor.
St. Akin de Sage.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse.

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