Sunday 3 January 2021

You Get What You Expect:

I Am Expectant of All I Want

You know the funny thing about life is, “we often get what we expect.” So, doesn’t it make sense to expect what we want? Doesn't it make sense not to expect that which will not bless us?

That sounds like a no brainer. Yet, many do otherwise. They choose to live their lives out of fear rather than out of faith—even the supposed prayer warriors. I guess someone deceived them.

Someone deceived them to be realistic, or they are simply pessimistic, thinking themselves wise. To what intent then is all your praying and fasting? Why are you torn apart?

A double-minded person is an unstable person. Care to know who an unstable person is? If you live in my country, we have them at Yaba and Harrow.

They are people who need to be institutionalized. I hope I did not offend anyone, but someone needs to tell the truth. Well, I choose to bite the bullet.

This is a New Year. Please, I beg you, leave all those dirty linen and childish stuff in 2020. Let 2020 take all the stupidity away. Come clean into the New Year. Come with your endowments. 

Come and win at the game of life, as we do life together. Don't join those who choose to either have no expectation or always expect the worst to live their lives. 

As sure as sure is, they are not disappointed, do get what they put out. Then they think it is VP (village people) after them. So, they enrich the prayer houses.

Don’t join that crowd with no future ambition. You are wiser than that. Let's climb higher. Let's go where the eagles dwell. Let's be believers indeed. Let's be the "All things are Possible" people.

Let's go for what we want. Let's press and test the boundaries of all that is possible. Let's live, refusing all the chains fake people (FP) are trying to force on us.

Let us dream of the THERE that we want. Let's go for ALL that is available for us.

Let's live this 2021 to the fullest. Agree?

St. Akin de Great.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse.

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