Saturday 23 January 2021

The Present Moment:

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.” ― Eckhart Tolle.

I can about teach this in tongues. It has become the sacred shrine of my life. The power of life is found in the present moment. Let no one deceive you otherwise, irrespective of who the "no one" is.

Your Past is History:

Protect and defend your life. No other person will. No other person can. It is your solemn duty to protect your source of life. Your life is not in the past. The past is history. Spilled or drank milk, irrespectively.

Close the chapter of your yesterday. Refuse to be held captive by it. It is not worth the sacrifice and the pain, irrespective of what you might think about it. Learn the lessons, no doubt, but refuse to stay there.

Your Future is not Reality:

Your life is not found in the future. Stop delaying living. Stop delaying your happiness. Stop delaying your joy. Your life is not in your future. How much simpler can that be said?

No one promised you tomorrow. This might just be all you got. You might just die tonight. Really? You mean such wisdom eluded you? Your days are numbered, definitely, not infinitely.

You are going to leave here one day, sooner or later. Kind of sad to talk or discuss. Right? Really? So, when is the truth right to talk about? Stop deceiving yourself. Your days are numbered. Period.

Now is life:

This present moment, as you read this, is all that was promised you. This is where your life is. This is how your brain is configured to work. Mental sickness results from any other way.

When you live your life in the past, you give place to evil, called depression. When you live your life in the future, you give place to the evil called anxiety disorder.

The only sane way to live is how it was originally intended, the present moment. That is where you are most powerful, you are most you, you are most efficacious.

The power that builds the most perfect version of your dreamed future is located and resides in your present moment, day.

It's Your Neighbor.
St. Akin de Great.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse.

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