Saturday 2 January 2021

Grace - My Purifier, My Qualifier:

O come see one helped of the Lord.

If there is ever a story to be said about my journey, my life, my pilgrimage, the tag surely will be, "One Helped of God." And I like it so. Who else would I want to have helped me? Who else will I want to help me but the Lord?

Only He can help us. Only by grace have we prevailed. Only by grace, are we prevailing. Only by grace will we prevail.

Grace, o grace. Matchless grace the Father has given, the Father is and will yet give to us.

It behooves us to ensure His grace is never in vain in, within, and over our life.

O the grace that has brought me this far, ever be my carrier, my lifter, my way maker, my difference-maker, my banner, my purifier, my qualifier, my source, and my all.

I am NOTHING WITHOUT your Grace O Lord, my God, and my King.

Reign in my life. Reign in all that I am and will ever be.

I give you your place.

St. Akin the Sage.
© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse

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