Thursday 17 December 2020

You Have Been Appointed:

I Can, We Can

Every disappointment is a setup for an appointment. It might not seem so at the point of disappointment, but take it from those who have been there and done that. It is very, very true. What might seem a curse is truly a blessing. 

Keep your head raised up. You have been delivered from death and have been appointed unto life. Stay positive, refuse the negative knocking on your door. You are at the moment of decision. Life or death is beckoning.

Choose life. Stay positive. See only the best. See what you want, not what you don't want. Who is not in your control, but what is. Use your power where it has efficacy. Let go of the SHOULDs, the OUGHTs, and the MUSTs.

Embrace life. Lean in. And walkthrough. You got all it takes. Lay hold of that which is yours.

St. Akin.

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