Monday 28 December 2020

You Got It:

I Am Standing
"There isn’t a ruler, a yardstick, or a measuring tape in the entire world long enough to compute the STRENGTH and capabilities inside you." – Paul Meyer.

Do you know your wonderful self? Howbeit, many don't. They are waiting for the phantom "destiny helper." Free people who have no clue how to maintain and accentuate their exalted status. But would much rather be enslaved.

No wonder James Allen pleads that we do not judge the Oppressor. There would be no oppressor if there were no oppressed. Both are willing collaborators, victims of the unconscious they failed to conquer. They are both suffering, need our prayers and mercy.

Just how different life will be if only the seeming oppressed will stop and think; stop and use their leverage. Oh, the wonder they will behold. Oh, the miracles they will bring to bear in and upon their lives. Oh, the utility and asset they will become to themselves and to their environment.

No one deserves to be pitied. The is no useless person upon the face of the earth. Only ignorant moron's who choose to be oblivious of their own endowment—only people who choose to be pitied rather than celebrated.

I can only wish you are not one of them, and if you are, today is your day. Really? I hear you say it is hard. Really? Is it easier to beg and be miserable? Let us for the second ride with you. Yes, it might be hard, or it is hard, but is it impossible?

You sure know, like I do, it is not impossible. There are several million people with worse conditions than yours, and they are making it every day. So, you might as well get a hold of yourself. You are simply damning yourself to a self-made prison.

You are imprisoned by your focus and belief. You need to stop focusing on how difficult it might be or is. And, start focusing on the truth it is possible. For as long as you focus on hard, it will be impossible. If you focus on possible, it becomes easy, or at least it fades away.

The choice is yours to make. The train is leaving the station. Are you coming?

St. Akin the Great.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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