Wednesday 30 December 2020

You Are What You Do:

“What you commit yourself to determines what you are, more than anything that ever happened to you yesterday, or the day before.” — Dr. Anthony Campolo.

In the final analysis, each of us is defined by what we do, not what we did in the yesterdays of our lives, not what we promise to do or be in the tomorrows of our life, nor the way we feel or think. We are defined by our human "being," not "will be," nor "have been." 

All you have is this present moment. This is your life. This is your being. What are you making of it? What are you doing with it? This is the moment of your power. You have no power over your past. It's done. It's milk spilled on the ground. You can NEVER get it back. 

So, why ponder and waste time over yesterday? Why keep watering last year's (or season's) crop? Get a grip on yourself. You are wiser than that. Get hold of your emotions and your feelings. It is time to cast down those imaginations holding you captive.

Guess what? It is your OWN mind. Why will you permit thoughts working against you to persist? Don't you know you cannot do anything other than the way you think and feel? As you think, so will you feel and do. As you do, so will you think and feel. You have the keys. 

Take over the driver's seat and live. Let your life be driven by the picture of who you have chosen to be. Refuse to be a victim of your history, nor your anxieties about tomorrow. Neither is real. This moment is all you have. Live!

Your Friendly Neighbor. 

St. Akin the Great.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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