Tuesday 3 November 2020

Take the High Road: Give Thanks

"The soul that gives thanks can find comfort in everything; the soul that complains can find comfort in nothing." ― Hannah Whitall Smith.

Complains: Straight Road to Hell

Complains can be really so subtle. For instance, who would not feel justified to complain about Nigeria? A 60-year-old baby that refused to as much as crawl. Yet complaining shows immaturity, even as justified as it sounds.

Our attitude and sense of control or the lack thereof is fully evident in our response or reaction to the things around us. Life, living, and a good attitude are to respond and not react. That is, we choose to take the path of grace and mercy, which is thus uninfluenced by the depravity of the thing, person, or situation in question. 

I know it is not the easy choice, nor road to tread upon. Who said life was easy anyway? Such cool-aid is only for those destined already for destruction. Life ain't easy. We might also tell ourselves the truth and gear up for the battle, then making ourselves feel okay only to fall flat on our face on our day of visitation.

The scriptures even tell us in no unclear terms, "let everything be done without complaining and arguing." Quite a tough call. I had to resign from a committee only last week cause I found out I could not live up to the high call and still be a part of that committee. 

Easy way to know God's will. When a thing starts coming between me and praying, I know I am at a decision point, and it is clear where my allegiance lies—no two ways about it. I am on the high road to heaven. Heaven's got my ears. Heaven's got my attention.

A Thankful Heart is the Key

Thanksgiving is the key to having a good, right, and miracle provoking attitude. First, we need to understand it is a privilege to be alive in the first place. There is nothing special about us that prefers us to those that did not make it pass yesterday.

I love Jesus, for those of you who don't know. So, somewhere in the gospels, Jesus began to recount a couple of calamities that had to happen and was telling the people, it did not happen to those people because they were less righteous. So, don't count yourself as having two heads.

We are each simply privileged for all the grace and mercies we enjoy every single second of every single minute; every single minute of every single hour; every single hour of every single day; every single day of every single week; every single week of every single month and every single month of every single year.

Ours is an indebtedness of thanksgiving to God, who alone makes it all possible. And, I know your life is most probably not as straight as I seem to imply. There are a whole lot of things you believe God for that you are still yet to have. For some, it is a spouse, other children, yet for others, it is a job, home, money, etc.

Our troubles are as different as the shape and complexion of our faces. Yet, we each hold one thing in common. We are each debtor to God in thanksgiving. If nothing else, we are alive. It is better to be a living donkey, rat, or dog than to be a dead lion. Only the living has hope.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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