Tuesday 10 November 2020

Kingdom Come By Fire

Jesus said, “The truth is, everyone who sins is a slave—a slave to sin. A slave does not stay with a family forever. But a son belongs to the family forever. So if the Son makes you free, you are really free. — John 8:34-36, ERV

"Pardon comes not to the soul alone. Rather, Christ comes not to the soul with pardon only! It is that which He opens the door and enters by, but He comes with a Spirit of life and power." ― John Owen.

There is more to being a Christian than being forgiven of sin. Being forgiven of sin is the rudimentary level. Unfortunately, that is all a lot of Christians ever know. Having been forgiven of sins and being in Christ, God’s vision is that we bring to bear Kingdom power and life upon the earth. That is the place of maturity God is expecting of His children. [Hebrews 6:1-3]

Unfortunately, when you have many the supposed ministers with one leg yet in the world, all they keep before the people is a consciousness of sin. That is not our calling in Christ Jesus. Our calling is a consciousness of who our Father is. Our calling is to a consciousness of Holiness. Our calling is to a consciousness of Righteousness.

Our calling is to a consciousness of the things that pertain to the kingdom. Our calling is to a consciousness of perfection. And it is possible, so very possible, in this very life. Not just the one to come. Don’t let anyone deceive you just because they are trying to justify their own shortcoming.

Obviously, this is not going to happen by our own power, nor by our own might. This is where a lot of us miss it. There is a reason Jesus asked the disciples to WAIT for the Holy Spirit. There is a reason He said we can do NOTHING without Him. Guess what? It is true!

Our Christian journey is not one we can walk on our own, nor in our own strength and understanding. It was never meant to be that way. IT CAN ONLY BE DONE BY AND WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Do you know the Holy Spirit? Are you having fellowship with Him? Are you giving Him a place? Are you allowing Him to help and carry you? Is your life manifesting Kingdom power and life? Why not, if not? It is possible. Will you make it possible in your own life today?

© 2015 Akin Akinbodunse

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