Sunday 18 October 2020

The Spirit of the Antichrist:

"Thinking is the father of creation." — Earl Nightingale.

In no other way are we closest to God, in nature, than in our ability to think, reason, and imagine. Every other thing is a wash, and take their cue from this.

Therefore, it means, by extension and interpretation, the easiest way to emasculate a man or woman is to take away his or her ability to think, reason, and imagine.

Now think about everything in your life that works against your ability to think, reason, and imagine. They are not by coincidence. They have been intentionally planted by the devil to de-humanize you.

Note, some pastors, prophets, etc. are included in this grouping. Some are intentional agents of the devil; others are mere foolish and lacking in wisdom.

Irrespective of whether they be intentional agents of the devil or not, they have the same effect on your destiny and relationship with God. The onus is on you to deliver yourself from the clutches of the devil.

Mind control is an ever-evolving body of science which will have its culmination in the antichrist's 666. Ever wondered why the scriptures say you will be damned forever after taking the mark?

Wonder no more. It is because once you take the mark, your ability to think, reason, and imagine will be forever taken away from you. Researches are presently ongoing to perfect this science.

Those who presently work in taking away your ability to think, reason, and imagine have the spirit of the antichrist working in and through them.

This is irrespective of their names, titles, or clothing, including speech and miraculous works. Remember Jesus' admonition. You shall know them by their works.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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