Monday 5 October 2020

The Birth of a Leader:

You Got a Leader or a Terrorist?

If you are not comfortable alone with yourself, you cannot be truly comfortable with others. The first priority is winning the raging war within. That is the first step to leading in life. The first step in making a success in life. Only when you win the raging war within, can you face and win the war without. 

The wrestling within typically takes place at times of loneliness and isolation. A typical example we see in scripture is Jacob. The scriptures tell us, Jacob was left alone. Then he wrestled with God. Yes, that is what it simples like. However, anyone who has been through this season knows better. 

The person you wrestle within these seasons of loneliness and isolation is your own very self. The new you that is giving birth to wrestles with the old you that does not want to let go. Most often than not, this leaves us with a scar. People have scars from their battle. 

I don't know why. Maybe the scars are a continual memorial to keep us humble and ever dependent on our source. The analogy is seen in the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to the butterfly. It sure takes some beatings to evolve. Jacob's scar kept him limping for the rest of his life. I hope your scar is a lot gentler. 

You see the beauty of the butterfly, but you have no clue what it took for the beauty to come forth. You see the wings of the butterfly but have no clue the number of beatings the caterpillar took to course those wings to evolve. 

Life has no escalator or lift. You got to get in line and follow the process. There is no other way. 

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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