Thursday 1 October 2020

Hello, October! Let's Start the Beginning of the End of the Year.

I See You

Happy New Month, Family.

Thanks, be to God for the miracle and power of a new month. Gratitudes to God for numbering us amongst the living. I don't take that for granted at all. The Teacher (writer of Ecclesiastes) teaches us, "Anyone who is among the living has hope—even a live dog is better off than a dead lion!" (NIV) For as long as there is life there is hope. It is a privilege to still be counted amongst the living. I do not take that for granted in no small way.

The Power of "New":

Like you all well know by now, I hate religion. I hate things that have no life in them. I need a reason, purpose, and boundary conditions for anything I get myself involved in. In that wise, I had been one not to give special attention to New Year. New month, etc. celebrations. To me, it was just another day, month, or year. That perspective is changing for me. There is something about "New" that catches my attention.

"New" presents us with a milestone, an opportunity to check how we are doing on our commitments and make the required changes and adjustments. It provides us with a mental model whereby we can separate events of our lives into the three boxes of time, in which and with which our brain works. With "New," we can see everything prior, as "Past;" everything in "New" as Present, and everything after that as "Future."

Brain 101, tells, when faced with a decision, the mind asks, "what does this represent to me?" The question is sent to the part of the brain which stores past occurrences. This is to see if there is any reference point that can be used in answering the question. The answer is then sent back to the portion that deals with future events to take action. That is the basis of unconscious bias. You have to consciously interfere in this process to avoid bias.

You can supply the brain with new information other than the past to intervene. Herein is where the power of "New" works. Irrespective of what happened yesterday, I can determine it does not have to affect today. Today is a new day, new opportunities, new possibilities, etc. Irrespective of how yesterday was, today can be much better. I can expect better. I can envision a greater glory.

This can be applied to New week, New month, New year, New job, New house, new whatsoever. I can work my brain to cooperate with me in getting a better result.

September Full:

I hope you enjoyed the month of September as much as I did. Wow! What a month? What a blessing? I guess people will like to ask how I get the time to do these much. Well, simple answer, "it is a calling." The pay is in the doing. It is my bread and butter. The air that I breathe and what makes me tick. Is that a good enough answer? And, it only keeps expanding as the Father grants grace.

I am excited about the topic we are presently lashed unto with the Singles. Now, we get to do regular visits. Hoping it is making a difference for good. I got back my leading Marriage Community, "Marriage Minute," and we are backfiring on all cylinders. "Marriage Ideals" has come to stay. It meets the need of those who want a smaller community. Enjoy it while it lasts. 

The Wow! series, "Choose Life" continued on Devotional Thoughts. Rotating that with the "Power In You" series. Beauty stream from Heaven flowing through these. I can only hope it is blessing you as much as it is blessing me. You know I can only force you to the stream. I cannot force you to drink. That is your responsibility.

Why do I do this? A reader from Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa sent in this note, "Every time I read your posts I grow mentally thank you, good sir." That is why I burn the midnight oil.

Looking Forward to Leading October:

This month, like every other October, I get the privilege of sharing thoughts on Leadership and Prayers. I trust we will have a fantastic time honing our Leadership and Prayer aptitude and disposition. Leadership is so paramount in our lives that we can’t but be leaders in one form or the other. It is the blessing and commissioning of God on mankind. Not being a leader is to live below the standard and expectation of God. 

In other words, not taking charge of our life is an abuse of the intent and purpose of creation. Prayer is the balancing weight to leadership on the fulcrum of life; it makes the man who makes the leader. God is our leadership model. We see, learn, and are influenced by this model, as we spend time in His presence. Prayer is the secret weapon of the leader. For, in seeking to go where he or she has not been before, he or she needs to trust in a power bigger than him or herself.

Just imagine how much different the world would have turned out if only Adam and Eve cared to pray. Just how much better things could have turned out if they had confronted God with the accusation sold to them and gotten His light to drive the darkness away. Just how much difference we can make in our own life when we give time and priority to prayer.

I can’t take all the accolades for who I am today, just as you can’t either. We all have different people who have provided shelter and a covering of prayers for us. The question is, who are we giving a cover for? Are we doing this for our household, friends, colleagues, church, nation, people we know, and those we don’t? Are we taking our priestly role in our generation? What will it take for us to do this?

Remember, every one of my channels is a communication center. Meaning, they are not broadcasting channels. They are each communication channel. If there is anything I write that you don't understand, please feel free to ask clarifying questions. If there is anything you have a living example of, feel free to share. Let us make it ours. I don't have a sole right to knowledge or wisdom. Let us freely be a blessing to one another. 

However, remember the ground rules. We do this in an environment of mutual love and respect for one another. Sounds like a plan?


"May this October be your best month ever. Never ever forget you are a champion. You have greatness in you. You've got potentials. God saw this month from the beginning to its end and put in you all it takes to subdue it. That is why it is called the GOOD (not the ugly, nasty, or dirty) fight. We know the end. We win! Or, as some people would rather say, "We won!" 

The script has been finished, signed, sealed, and delivered. Now go act it out. Go live it out knowing, no matter what you face, no matter what comes your way, the end has already been predetermined; you won! Now go forth in this your might and bring in the medals.

Here is a toast to your success and victory always. 

You are the reason why we are. Thanks for being here.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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