Wednesday 28 October 2020

A Leader is an Enabler:

The job of the leader is to make the engine of the organization run seamlessly. He is not the engine. The followers are. They are the foot soldiers who get the work done.

The leader's function is to ensure all required for their seamless operation is provided for as when due. None having too much and none having too small. Every section and every person is well resourced.

Not so is the way of the terrorist, tyrant, and boss. He or she feels the need to stay in the frame to coerce the people to work.

Slave drivers they are, and only get the head-and- hand service, at best, from the people. He or she is deceived into thinking effectiveness and or efficiency are in proportion to their drive.

Not so is the way of the leader. He or she gets the right people in the right position and releases them to burn. He believes in them according to their abilities and relates accordingly.

The people bring their heads and their hands and hearts and guts, a complete and full offering. They take on their task as though their life depends on it (and it actually does).

Wherever you see men laboring in another man's task as though it were theirs, a leader's touch is present.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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