Monday, 10 August 2020

The Power in You (A Personal Testimony) — Part Two

It's Okay to Cry

To Grief is to Heal:

Wow! What rare wisdom? Grief has its own healing effect. Time has its own healing effect. In fact, Seneca puts it this way, "Time heals what reason cannot." Wow! Even God did not stop David from crying. Crying is therapeutic. It is cleansing. If anyone is grieving, please, let them grief. Nothing is more harmful than premature treatment. 

There are mental and physical health implications of not grieving appropriately. So, if you see anyone grieving, please, let them grief. Let them heal. We should remember that grieving, though a painful process, ultimately helps us move forward when allowed to run its course.

Reasonings might heal some. You might be able to rationalize some things. However, some things might never make sense, some things you probably need eternity to make sense of. Those need time to meltdown in our hearts. Those need a soothing touch of love and reassurance, which needs time to penetrate deep enough to cause the effect. It is not in words been said but in the assurance of friendship, family, and love. 

"The glory of the Christian life is that we have a hope that overwhelms grief. It doesn't eradicate it. It overwhelms it." (Tim Keller) 

Give time for grief to lose its force. Let them be softened by time so they can endure the remedies. Yes, life needs to go on, but you don't want to be too much in a hurry. "Don't tell someone to get over it. Help them get through it." (Sue Fitzmaurice) If you don't settle records with your past, it will forever haunt you, especially when you least expect it and at the most opportune moment. An unsettled past is one of the symptoms of a damaged (neurotic) person. There is something amiss in the way the brain of a neurotic person process things. 

Instead of a smooth flow at milliseconds speed of processing between the various parts of the brain that processes our yesterday (past), today (present), and tomorrow (future), the flow is much slower. The unresolved yesterday is challenged in providing the information the brain needs in making decisions for today and preparation for the future. The consonance is lost or out of sync. This exhibits itself as stress in the physical body, anxiety in the psychological sphere and sheer disorientation in the total make-up of the person.

The remedies to the loss cannot be applied until there is a real and full coming to the realization of the new normal. Only then can they be touched and handled by the remedies. So, David and his men cried till they could cry no more. They got to the end of their grief. Only then could they be touched and handled by the solutions. 

Grief, But Don't Lose Your Heart:

Picture Credit: Dimitriy Bilous / Getty Images
So, are you faced with any human experience today you need to grief for and over? GRIEF! Don't let anyone talk you into an unnecessary, fake macho appearance. You are human, and there is nothing wrong with that. Be human. Be You! Grief and let your soul come back to reality. "Time heals what reason cannot." (Seneca) Allow time to process what has occurred. In all stay within the boundaries of the Truth (The Word, The Way, and The Life). [John 14:6]

Don't let your sorrow take you away from the way of life. In the face of truth, your sorrow is sheer temporal. It exists only in time, it cannot take precedence over that which is eternal. Your visible loss is nothing in the face of the invisible. Your visible loss is only a daughter of that which is much bigger. Don't be sold out to the daughter that you miss the mother. Don't be too lost in the creation that you miss the creator.

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