Saturday 8 August 2020

Talking Straight From the Heart - 101

There are no two ways around it, homosexuality and lesbianism are sins, as far as the Christian faith is concerned. There is nothing like Homosexual or Lesbian Christians. The two don't go together, have never gone together, and will never go together.

You are either one or the other. It does not matter what title you wear. It does not change the truth. It does not matter that it is legal in your country. Yes, legal, but yet a sin. It does not matter that your local congregation condones it. It does not change the narrative.

If you are a homosexual or lesbian and have come out boldly as one, I duff the hat for you. Take courage you are standing for what you believe in. I respect you for that. I have no issue associating with you, but let us keep the narrative where it belongs. You are not a Christian.

"I may disagree with what you have to say but I shall defend your right to say it." (Evelyn Beatrice Hall) You have one "heaven" of a supporter in me. We each have equal rights to this planet, for as long as we are not hurting or depriving anyone else of their own rights.

Again, I duff my hat to you for standing for what you believe. Just as you have a right to your belief, please accept the same just fact that I have a right to mine. We are not going to re-write the holy scriptures just because of you.

When it comes to the House of the Lord, its pillars are TRUTH, eternal and universal truths, not relative, weather dependent, supposed truths. You can keep your truths to yourself. And, I respect that. I'll defend you for that. I'll love you for that. It is your choice. That is one universal endowment the Father has given to all.

Can we agree to one thing? Live and let live?

This is straight from the heart. Just wanted you to know I love you enough to talk about it.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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