Sunday 5 July 2020

The Dance of Life

Come to the Dance
There is no hurry in life, even if you were late getting to the game. Life never answers to hurry. Life only answers to paced, steady, and confident summon. You are not going to win the battles of life by being in a hurry, for hurry has a twin sister, popular for her havoc and death of destinies of those who open their doors to her summon. Her name is anxiety.

So, even if you were late to the dance, no worries. Life has the right slot for you. Life has got you. It knew you missed the bus. It knew you missed the train. It's made the right provision for you. So, no hurries. You are in good hands. Slow and steady take its hands and get into the dance. No hurries I say. You are not in competition with anyone else. It's your dance, not another's.

Find Your Rhythm
So, gently sink into the rhythm and rock it the only way you can. Never forget, you are in a class of one. You have no classmates. You have no one to compete with, but your own very self. So, rock it and slowly tune up the dance, never losing your rhythm. The rhythm is always more important than the pace. Slow down if you need to, but never lose your rhythm.

Hurry and Anxiety, twin workers of evil, and true offspring of their father, Fear, will always lurk around wanting to get you off your rhythm. Never give heed to them. Masters and lovers of disorder they are. Confusion is in their wake. Enemies of peace, and a quiet and coordinated effort, they are. Never forget, they are not friends. They are your sworn enemies on this dance floor.

They so easily get people off their stride with their cousin, Easy. They offer Easy as a professional escort and many are swept off their feet. They lose their stride in the dance all for the supposed access to Easy. She distracts with supposed quick and easy access. Unknown to her followers, all Easy offers are borrowed and temporal in nature, and only leaves them worse off than they started.

Never give heed to Easy. Stay in the dance. Keep your stride. Keep your rhythm. You are making waves. You are becoming a master in the dance. The dance of life. Don't let Fear dissuade you. Take your time in learning every new move, every new swing. Remember no hurries. That which is yours will never miss you, for as long as you stay dancing to the rhythm.

Catch Your Wave
More like the waves of the ocean, opportunities come in and go out in a rhythmic fashion. What was will be. If you missed the first wave, wait for the second. Like a surfer catch the wave that fits the rhythm of your dance. Don't just jump on any and every wave. Jump on the one you have prepared for.  Catch the one that fits the dance you have determined to exhibit. Prepare, and wait for your own wave. It's sure coming. only be prepared. The dance will be sweet

Life is a generous distributor of opportunities. Find your rhythm, and join the dance. The dance of life. The dance of abundant provision. The dance of purpose. Fast and shaky only make mistakes. It misses the opportunities wrought out for it, for it is always in competition, comparing itself to others. Not so the dance of life. Slow and steady wins the race.

Ever heard of the folktale story of the tortoise and the hare. Search, read, and gain wisdom. I rest.

(Inspiration from Isaiah 28:16d: "Whoever believes will not act hastily.")

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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  1. Very inspiring
    Insightful, encouraging.
    Thanks St Akins Baba... Abideen



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