Tuesday 21 July 2020

Don't Let The Devil

Garrison My Heart
If the devil cannot steal your joy, your peace, he cannot keep your goods. 

Everything the devil serves you is an attempt at stealing your joy. It is an attempt at taking away your peace. It is an attempt at gaining access to your heart, your source of life. [Provebrs 4:23]

It is not what he took away that is the focus. Don't forget he is a thief. He is only dancing according to his character, but that is not his bus stop. It is not what he did that is the focus. 

Those are just possible gateways to your heart. If the devil can take away your joy, if he can take away your peace, then he has access to your heart. [Nehemiah 8:10; Philippians 4:6]

If he has access to your heart, what he wants next is to destroy you, which is his target all along. If he cannot terminate you immediately, he will try to kill you. 

If he cannot kill you, he will try to steal more from you. If he can take from you, which he has already started anyway, since stealing your joy and your peace, he continues to take in a bid to kill you.

If he can succeed at killing you, he moves to the next level of destroying you—all these from merely giving him a foothold. The devil is evil. [Ephesians 4:26-27]

Never take him for granted nor afford him a room in your life. So, you now understand why it is crucial to guide your heart with all diligence. Out of it proceeds the issues of life. 

God wants to give you life. He is a perfect Father. The devil wants to give you death. He is a very bad devil. You are the deciding factor as to what has preeminence in your life. [John 10:10; Deuteronomy 30:19]

What is your choice? 

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