Saturday 13 June 2020

Poverty is not the absence of money:

Wealthy Mindset, Who Can Find?
Poverty is a depravity of the mind. That is a way of living and thinking. It is a mindset, the adherent is closely married to. To deliver the adherent there is the need to sever their bond.

The answer to it is not the distribution, or redistribution of funds or wealth. Throwing money at poverty only makes the problem worse and bigger. You make the rich implementers and financiers richer and the supposed beneficiaries poorer. 

Money does not change the trajectory of a thing. It only magnifies what is. It makes things possible only if there is a driver on the ground to direct. It has no intelligence of its own. It is a mere brute force.

The answer to poverty is the education of the mind, the re-tuning of the heart to the right inclination, the awakening of the hands to the rightful application, and the stirring of the gut to daringness, faith. For poverty works by fear. Riches, and richness, work by faith and love.

Money, like the homing pigeon, has a way of always finding its way back home. After it is all said and done, after it all settles down, the money will find its way back home to those who deserve it, not by reason of need or want, but by reason of their understanding and right application of the principles that guide money.

Truly a fool (financially illiterate, wisdom deprived) man and his (supposed) money are soon separated. He has no heart for it. He has no vision for it. He is unable to comprehend it. He is unable to associate rightly with it. He is unable to comprehend the place called "there" that money seeks to take its bearers. Strange bedfellows, they are and nature has its way of enforcing equilibrium.

Money is shy and, love-, and care-hungry. It flows naturally and stays with those who know how to woo it, cultivate it, caress it, and nurture it. It does not know the spelling of fair, nor fairness. It is selfish. It only cares about itself, and those who care for it.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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