Saturday 3 February 2018

Questions and Answers (Thirty One): The Certainty of His Person

Trusting God (Part Four): The Certainty of His Person
Sometimes it’s really hard to trust after so many days of prayers and believing for something and at end you didn't get answers. I really feel abandoned. I mean you have been praying for this particular thing for years, and this is one of the basics in life. Please sir may be I can get some more idea of different ways of trusting from you. ― RH (Lagos, Nigeria)

How much good works did the theft on the cross have to enter into paradise? How much good works did the prodigal son have to be received back? It sure blew the mind of the elder brother. Just how many more elder brothers fill our churches and gatherings today? How much good works did the Syro-Phoenician woman have to get healing for her daughter? She did not even belong to the common wealth of Israel. And what about the woman bent over in the temple? What was Jesus basis of healing her – her good works, or because she was a daughter of Abraham?

We sure have come up with a different gospel, different from that we received from Christ. We are no different in this age from the Galatian church in Paul's days. He rebuked them as follows,
“O you poor and silly and thoughtless and unreflecting and senseless Galatians! Who has fascinated or bewitched or cast a spell over you, unto whom—right before your very eyes—Jesus Christ (the Messiah) was openly and graphically set forth and portrayed as crucified? Let me ask you this one question: Did you receive the [Holy] Spirit as the result of obeying the Law and doing its works, or was it by hearing [the message of the Gospel] and believing [it]? [Was it from observing a law of rituals or from a message of faith?] Are you so foolish and so senseless and so silly? Having begun [your new life spiritually] with the [Holy] Spirit, are you now reaching perfection [by dependence] on the flesh? Have you suffered so many things and experienced so much all for nothing (to no purpose)—if it really is to no purpose and in vain? Then does He Who supplies you with His marvelous [Holy] Spirit and works powerfully and miraculously among you do so on [the grounds of your doing] what the Law demands, or because of your believing in and adhering to and trusting in and relying on the message that you heard?” (Galatians 3:1-5, AMP)
Friend, God is asking you and me the same questions today. How are we answering? Are we depending on our good works, or on His grace and mercy? Are we rested in His love, or are we busy trying to build our own way to Him – trying to deserve Him? MY FRIEND, REST. REST IN JESUS. REST IN THE PRICE HE HAS ALREADY PAID. HE BORE IT ALL FOR US. Our place is to receive of His grace, mercy and love. THE PLATFORM FOR RECEIVING FROM GOD IS “THE CERTAINTY OF HIS PERSON.” IT IS HIS GOODNESS AND HIS LOVE, NOT OUR GOOD WORKS. HALLELUJAH!

SCRIPTURES: Psalm 119:90; Luke 23:40-43; 15:11-32; Mark 7:24-30; Luke 13:10-17; Matthew 11:28; Hebrews 4:3-7, 16; 6:16-20; John 19:30; Romans 4:1-17; 3:31; James 2:17-26.

Questions and Answers (Thirty)
Questions and Answers (Thirty Two)

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