Tuesday 5 December 2017

Time Waits for No One

Another second, another minute;
Another hour, another day;
Another month, another year;
Another year, another decade;
Another decade, and another golden jubilee.
Life, or should I say time, keeps ticking.

Time waits for no one, we are all told.
No other place this reality dawns on us
Like the passing of time itself.
We are not all where we use to be.
For one, we are older.

The questions are,
Who and where are we today,
Compared to what was written in the "volume of the book?"
That is, God's original mandate/destination for us.
(Or should I say, 'our wealthy place in Him.')

And for those of us who have goals and aspirations,
(Has we all should)
Who are we, where are we compare to them?
Are we on track, or have we lost track?

I'm definitely not where I ought to be,
But I am where I am.
Far from where I use to be,
On my way to my wealthy (large) place.

The clay has been marred in His hands severally,
But that occurrence is getting much more reduced.
He’s each time been making the best of what is in His hands.
And, I'm each day turning out to be His master piece.

Through the pain
Through the cries
Through the failures
Through the sorrows
Through the mistakes
Through the confusions
Through the mis-steppings
Through the disappointments
Something beautiful is being carved out

It is all coming together.
He is filling out the puzzle.
He is making sense of my journey.
He is bringing it all together for good.

I'm on my way to my wealthy place in God!

My Thanks

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