Monday 16 October 2017

What are You Seeing?

No two people see exactly the same thing. We all see what we are looking for. We all see as we are. Two prisoners looking out through the same prison door see differently. One is looking down, seeing the mud – the seeming hopeless of his situation. The other is looking up, seeing the stars – the beauty of creation, the opportunities that abound and hope for tomorrow.

The two prisoners are looking through the same prison door, but see two entirely different pictures. One sees a demoralizing, debilitating picture. While, the other sees a motivating, life giving picture.

Which are you? What are you seeing? What are your expectations out of life? Are they high enough? The ball is in your court. Life will only yield to you that which you expect and demand. Do you have the right expectations? Are you placing the right demand?

It's your life. Take charge of it.

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