Tuesday 31 October 2017

Questions and Answers (Twenty Three): Journal vs Diary

What is the difference between a journal and a diary?

Good question. The two are somewhat similar but different in some ways. They are similar in that they are both a log of events. While a diary simply logs the events (past and or future), a journal goes much further and deeper. A journal focuses not just on the events but also on the lessons learned, implications, resolutions, and future ideas. It is a recording of the inner conversations taking place within a person.

A journal can record what one learns during times of devotion, ministrations, reading a book, etc. It might also be a recording of thoughts and/or ideas that cross one’s mind. Some keep prayer journals, where deep desires and cries are expressed in writings instead of being voiced. 

The intent of a journal is much deeper than that of a diary. Though both could be themed a living biography, the journal is by far more in-depth. The intent of a journal includes that the learnings are not lost. It also tends to capture the emotions of the person at those points in time. Journals also help in gaining clarity.

It forces one to think, as expected in the normal process of writing. It helps thus in expressing and clarifying deep-seated thoughts, as with a prayer journal, earlier mentioned. When one’s heart is too heavy or confused to express one’s thoughts and desires in words, a journal comes to one’s aid. This is how a lot of poetry, hymnals, and songs we have today were born.

Hoping this helps.

© 2015 Akin Akinbodunse


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