Thursday 31 August 2017

Goodbye August!

Goodbye August!

As we close the month, what comes to mind are the many believing God for the next stage/level of their life. The questions that come to mind include, “Are we ready for what we are asking? Do we understand the enormity of our request? Do we understand, and are able to accommodate the changes required / occasioned?

Every blessing comes with its associated responsibilities. Every new level has its own new demons, devils and challenges. Can we handle them? Are we willing? Are we showing it? Are we growing into it? Can we handle being blessed? Is our heart big enough? I’ll imagine a few will readily answer in the affirmative. I wonder if they truly understand the questions.

Solomon knew better. He understood the secret to wealth. He understood something we need to tap into. He understood the secret to blessing. He was not presumptuous as to who he was and his capability. He understood the enormity of the task ahead and the secret of humility. Rather than be deceived by pride he fell into the hand of Him who alone is able. He asked for a large (understanding) heart. [1 Kings 3:9; Psalms 119:32] That is the secret to standing to be blessed.

May God grant you a large heart – a heart of wisdom and understanding. May your blessing NEVER be bigger than you. May you always be able to handle your blessing. May your heart never forget the source of its blessings. May you ever be humble before God.

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