Saturday 15 July 2017

You Got More in You

Never, never, never, never…ever give up. For as long as there is breath in you, there is ALWAYS hope. There is always a chance for things to work out. There is always a chance for things to work out for your good. Never count yourself out. Life has not counted you out. You are still alive. There is a reason for your still being alive. You are still in contention. So, why count yourself out.

Yes, somethings might have died in you. And, some of them need to remain dead. However, some you need to give life back to. You hold the keys. Life has not given up on you, no matter how things might look or where you presently find yourself. Don't give up on you. You are all you've got. Let it work for you. There are just too many examples of comebacks for yours to be any different. In fact, the greater the trouble is, the greater the potential miracle, strength, and testimony.

All you need do is keep the faith. Dig deep. And, never give up. Never throw in the towel. Even when it seems all hope is gone and the worst has just happened. Never forget it is darkest just before dawn. Don’t give up. Never give up. You are only three (3) feet away from gold. Don’t let your pain be wasted. Don’t let your tears be wasted. Hold on till your miracle comes. Hold on till your breakthrough comes. I see you on the other side, and you look glorious.

© 2017 Akin Akinbodunse

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